• SharePoint Conference Vienna

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    The SharePoint Conference is coming to Vienna, I'm glad that I'll have the chance to speak there about building a pipeline for automating continuous integration and delivery of a SharePoint Framework solution.

  • SPS Warsaw 2019 Wrap up

    Yesterday I was in the Office 365 Conference in @SPS_Warsaw, I really enjoyed my session and I was honored to have the room full of interested people.

    As promised below you can find my slide deck of my session:

  • SPS Warsaw 2019 is coming

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    On 6 April it will take place in Warsaw an interesting conference focused on Office 365 and Azure.
    I'll have the honor and pleasure to speak there as speaker.
    In my session "Microsoft Graph API like a rockstar", guess? I'll talk about MS Graph API I'll present an introduction going deeper in detail.
    If you want to learn new cool things from the community you have to follow this conference.
    Take your free ticket here:
    ticket here

  • Microsoft Teams 'Failed to create the plan'

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    Are you facing this issue? I hope this article will help you.
    I recently ran into a problem in Microsoft Teams (see picture on top).
    In particular, I got an error when I tried to add a Planner in the team.
    This problem occurs normally when you work with Microsoft Graph API, in fact, it is exactly my case.

  • Typical issue with regional settings for a multinational company in Office 365

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    In this article, I'd like to talk about a typical problem facing multinational companies by releasing a new SharePoint site or Microsoft Teams in several countries.
    To be more precise, the problem in this scenario is the time zone.
    When a new SharePoint site (Team or Communication) or MS Teams are created (Team site created with Ms Teams), is used the default time zone.
    I'd like to remember that, the SharePoint admin can set the default time zone in the new SharePoint admin center portal:

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