MayLeo bot your personal Office 365 assistant

MayLeo Bot is your personal Office 365 assistant, which help you to automate tasks or retrieve info in your daily work. MayLeo is available on Microsoft Teams, you can start a conversation in the chat 1:1.

How to start to use MayLeo Bot – Prerequisite

In order to use MayLeo you need an Office 365 subscription and Microsoft Teams

MayLeo Bot is able to provide the following features(This list will be updated with every new release), try to ask:

  • Typing “Help” will display current functionalities;
  • Who is my manager?;
  • List of my Teams;
  • Display my name and email;
  • Display my profile picture;
  • I’d like to change my profile picture;
  • List files shared with me;
  • My tasks;
  • Create task;
  • List all teams in the tenant;
  • Send email;

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