• Youtube web part on SharePoint through SharePoint Framework

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | The Business also runs along Youtube, many companies publish several videos in name of the marketing, a modern web part currently absent in SharePoint is just that of Youtube, so for this reason, I decided to develop this kind of SharePoint Framework solution hoping it is helpful for someone else.

  • SharePoint Framework magnifying an image through a lens

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | Here I’m with a new blog post about SharePoint Framework. I faced an interesting client side solution regarding the possibility to magnify an image, so I decided to reproduce something of similar with SharePoint Framework.

  • Creating a Reactjs multi language app

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | Reactjs is one of the most popular front-end framework, it’s also adopted by Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung and other several big companies. Often happens to develop Web App with the support to different languages, so I decided to share my experience with Reactjs, in detail as you can see below I developed a simple react solution where is possible to change the language instantly:

  • Inviting external user (Guest) with SharePoint Framework

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | The SharePoint Framework is growing really fast in the last period, another benefit to leverage the capabilities of this new framework is the possibility to use within of SPFx the Microsoft Graph API through GraphHttpClient included into ‘@microsoft/sp-http’ library. All you need is import the GraphHttpClient and GraphClientResponse calling successfully the API, please read here to go deep:

  • SharePoint Framework Field Customizer - React Toggle

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | SharePoint Framework is in General Availability from several months, Microsoft has spent a great effort to improve and driving the end users towards the modern UI on SharePoint Online, with amazing results from my point of view.

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