Giuliano De Luca | Blog | The Business also runs along Youtube, many companies publish several videos in name of the marketing, a modern web part currently absent in SharePoint is just that of Youtube, so for this reason, I decided to develop this kind of SharePoint Framework solution hoping it is helpful for someone else.

Luckily for my goal I can leverage the capabilities provided by Youtube API in order to build my solution, a mandatory requirement is to request an API key, please follow this guide. This is a preview of the final result:

Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

The web part property pane offers the possibility to add your own API key, an optional parameter the “Channel Id” to search specifics video contained in a Youtube Channel and the last permits to select the maximum items to display.

Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

This web part can be enriched with many others interesting features, so your contribution is more than welcome.

My solution is available on github:

Source code of this web part is also available on the official GitHub of Microsoft SharePoint Framework client-side web part samples & tutorials: