• SharePoint and Office 365 Stockholm

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | I’m really happy to participate as speaker at SharePoint and Office 365 conference in World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70, Stockholm, Sweden, if you have the possibility to go there, don’t miss this amazing event with a great lineup of international speakers. In my session, I will present the new development path SharePoint Framework with its toolchain, I will provide also some demos with general best practices. Check this out for more details

  • Building your personal Office 365 assistant

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | Imagine having a personal Office 365 assistant in your daily job routine, which can help you provide all information that you need, like for example who is your manager, scheduling a meeting, displaying and updating your profile picture or list the Microsoft Teams where you are involved and so on.

  • Displaying and updating your Office 365 profile picture with Microsoft Graph API

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    In order to stay connected with Office 365 in terms of mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more, Microsoft has provided the Graph API.

  • I'll be speaking to SPS Madrid

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog |

    I'm excited to participate at SharePoint and Office 365 SPS Madrid conference, I'll be there for the first time. I'll talk about a typical enterprise scenario in my session, the title is "Modern site and Teams provisioning across a Bot, SharePoint Framework, Azure Function and Microsoft Flow", I can't wait to deliver my session, see you there.

  • Building a Microsoft Teams Bot

    Giuliano De Luca | Blog | Microsoft has released Teams from one year, the utility of this product is indisputable, a strength is definitely the possibility to extend it with bots, connectors and tabs. In this article, I’ll talk about how to build a bot and how to leverage the Microsoft Teams API capabilities, which are the following:

    • Fetch Channel List
    • Mention User
    • Start New 1 on 1 Chat
    • Route Message To General
    • Fetch Member List
    • Send O365 Card
    • Fetch Team Info
    • Start New Reply Chain
    • Mention Channel
    • Mention Team
    • Notification Feed
    • Bot Delete Message

    Let’s start to create a bot, the easiest way is create a “Web App Bot” on Azure, this naturally presupposes the possession of a subscription:

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