• How to create a pdf client side with Javascript

    How to create a pdf client side with a fantastic open source library JSPDF that transforms the contents of a div into a pdf page. After a bit of research, we came across this magnificent free library which is also updated frequently (last update was a couple of months ago) that greatly facilitates the creation of PDF pages for user’s experience benefit, without going into details like how you generate a PDF file.

  • How to create a SharePoint Farm on Azure

    Now is very simple creating a SharePoint farm on new azure portal….

  • How to create a SharePoint Timer Job

    In my first article I want to talk of the SharePoint Timer Job. The timer job is a very useful service on SharePoint, that allow automate a process, for example. For developing a timer job is necessary create a class in the follow method:     public class NotificationTimerJob : SPJobDefinition {}. There is a good example on MSDN that help us to understand better, how to develop a timer job for SharePoint 2010: When I go to debug is absolutely important on visual studio to do “attach process” as in figure:

  • My blog is online!

    Hi everyone finally I’m online ​with my blog

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