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Here you can check all my solutions:

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  5. Defining good governance for your Office 365 groups
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  8. Building a real-time news feed with SharePoint Framework and webhooks
  9. Continuous integration and deployment for your SharePoint Framework solutions
  10. Automated deployment of your SharePoint Framework solution on Office 365 CDN
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  12. SharePoint Framework magnifying an image through a lens
  13. Creating a Reactjs multi language app
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  15. SharePoint Framework Field Customizer – React Toggle
  16. Implementing Google Analytics on SharePoint online with SharePoint Framework Extensions
  17. Track and send your position to SharePoint with Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions and Power BI
  18. Office UI Fabric People Picker and SharePoint search better together part 2 – SharePoint Framework
  19. Office UI Fabric People Picker and SharePoint search better together part 1- SharePoint Add-Ins
  20. SharePoint Framework Rect All Property Types
  21. SharePoint Framework React Chart Web Part
  22. Nice dashboard for your SharePoint site
  23. SharePoint Framework React web part weather
  24. Using Promises with the JavaScript Object Model in SharePoint 2013
  25. SharePoint 2013 Device Channel custom UI component
  26. How to create a pdf client side with Javascript
  27. How to create a SharePoint Timer Job