Displaying toast notifications with SharePoint Framework Extension Application Customizer and Webhooks

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SharePoint Webhooks was the main topic of the previous article, in this article I’ll talk about the same topic, using it with SharePoint Framework extension application customizer in order to display toast notifications.
This is the final result:

Toast Notifications with SPFx and Webhooks
Toast Notifications with SPFx and Webhooks

This solution offers the possibility to display toast notifications on the modern view, which is definitely really useful to keep informed the end user with communications and news.
The solution architecture behind is exactly the same that I used to have a real-time news feed:

Giuliano De Luca | Blog | Toast notifications with SPFx and Webhooks
Toast notifications with SPFx and Webhooks

In order to build up this solution, please follow the steps in the previous article.
Check my video demo:

My solution is available on github:
Server: https://github.com/giuleon/SharePoint-Webhooks-Broadcaster
Client: https://github.com/giuleon/spfx-extension-react-webhooks-notification or https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-extensions/tree/master/samples/react-application-webhooks-notification